Get Cookie For FPlus Chrome Extension Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy sets forth how our Get Cookie For FPlus Chrome Extension collects and uses information as described below. By downloading this Chrome Extension, you accept the use of these tracking technologies and you acknowledge that you have reviewed and agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

1. Collecting personal information

- This Chrome extension to collect and store Cookie, Local Storage of website.
- This Chrome extension can change, edit and delete cookie of website.
- This information only stored in user machine. We not send and store it to our server.

2. Using personal information

This Chrome extension collect Cookie, Local Storage to display cookie for user.
Import cookie from text to active session.
Cookie can be save to Local Storage and using to restore session of this cookie, manage multiple session.

3. Information stored on user machine

The application stores all data provided by the user and received from a server in a Local Storage. This information is stored in Chromium’s internal database accessible only by the app process.

Current workspace state is stored in plain Local Storage in user directory.